Guaranteed tracking

A real competive benefit

Development for the rejected parts and recovery of parts by radio frequency control

Maviva’s Group makes selective controls and recover of parts with the purpose to ensure the total quality in the assembly lines. This activity is developed either in the customer’s plant or on site of the Group, guaranteeing the track of the parts through continuous inspections with capturing systems of data, permitting online rejection of parts, the qualification of the type of defect and the reintegration of it in case that it could be recovered. The reactivity is basic and a priority to ensure the supplying at the production lines.

1 Quality Control Primer of parts

Maximize resources and reduction of costs

With the increase of the transport costs, it is essential to optimize the resources, so in the last years the group develops in their own warehouses assembly operations and primate of parts because the geometry of the parts penalizes their packaging and therefore its transportation. This will maximize the available resources and lowers the maximum the costs of the service.

2 Quality Control Conditioning

Optimize the areas in the assembly lines

A group of engineers work in tight collaboration with the consignee of the parts to design and develop new prototypes of containers that are adapted to the needs of the chain, maximizing this way the resources of both and reducing the processing costs.

In some cases, the customer has particular requirements about the way he needs the parts to be sent. The reconditioning performed by the Group next to the plant enables the use of standard packages required by the supplier between their production factory and the MAF of Maviva’s Group, reducing considerably the specific packages for its delivery at the assembly line. This represents in a high percentage a big saving in the transport costs.

It is a solution that ensures that as far as repacking quantities and its labelling are correct.

Conditioning solutions are made for sequence shipments of different types of material (roofs and headlamps, among others) where we have reached an optimal solution that meets the criteria of maximizing the number of parts, ergonomic criteria of quality, safety, etc…

3 Quality Control Resident Technicians

Their eyes in the assembly line

The resident is the figure claimed from the supplier or from the plant of their customer. It is a person with hierarchical dependency of Alservi and with specialization in their parts, they attend potential claims of the assembly lines establishing criteria’s and offering palliative solutions through quality walls, selection and/or recovery of the representing parts. They are the eyes of the supplier in the assembly line. They are persons with a technical profile and knowledge of languages and highly trained in production processes that with their knowledge and proximity to the assembly lines are a great help for the customers with their management capacity and reactivity alerts in real-time.