Logistic of precision

Maviva’s Group offers specialized logistic solutions through the design and development of the processes of one or some stages of the customer’s supplied chain – supply, transport, warehousing, distribution, etc… - and even the activities of the production process. It is necessary to organize, manage and control those operations and for that, Maviva’s Group counts with the infrastructures, technologies and its own information systems.

1 Logistics Specific Solutions

Specific solutions in a global logistic

Latest technologies in radio frequency

Parameters custom-made for a perfect control of stocks

Sequence deliveries, SAH, L3P`, L3PS, Kanban

Maviva’s Group offers specialized logistic solutions using the latest technologies in data capturing systems with barcode readers and RFID, among others. This way we get a perfect control of stocks with the parameters demanded by our customers, like expiry date, part traceability and FIFO, for engineering levels. We make preparations in all the existing modalities in the automobile industry and other areas, from sequenced deliveries, SAH, L3P, L3PS to Kanban; doing internally, from the design of the process to the maintenance and delivery, including the layout of the informatics systems. Our team pays special attention to the particular techniques of each component, as well as the personalized ways of warehousing or the development of specific carts for sequence deliveries. We have an average rate of service greater than 99,5 %.

For the reduction of the variety of automotive wires, where in real-time, we choose the most economical reference that features all the characteristics of the car, requested by the customer. Sequenced delivery system (JIT) with a period of 30 minutes between the reception of the order and the time of delivery to the assembly line of the final customer.

Visual help for the employees for the sequencing of the delivery of the wheels with the incorporation of delay and quality control alerts in real-time.

A solution in the assembly of the glasses that allows knowing the historic of all the operations done for each part assembled.

2 Logistics Warehousing and distribution

Warehousing capacity and distribution


More than 38.000 m2 of interior storage and 9 working centers in the Iberian Peninsula.

Management of merchandise of all types of goods from its suppliers located in Europe, North Africa (Morocco and Tunisia), Asia (Turkey, Iran) and America.

3 Logistics Engineering and transport
A Logistic engineering

The great experience of the Group, with over 30 years in the development of specific logistic solutions, permits the optimization of processes and control with information systems adapted to the needs of each customer.

B Logistic at the customer's companies

Provision of logistic services at the customer’s companies bringing the human and technical resources that the service requires, from the reception and expedition of the goods, warehouse management, goods deliveries to the production lines, synchronous services, etc.

C Transport

The Group offers integrated transport solutions of complete cargos with their own means or through collaboration agreements for a higher optimization of processes of its customers.