Logistics solutions

We provide custom logistics solutions by applying the latest data acquisition system technologies via barcode readers, RFID and voice picking. Receipt, shipping and management of stocks and warehouses. Recognized as a leader in JIT and JIS deliveries and specific client needs.

Precision logistics

  • Real-time stock control.
  • Full-process traceability.
  • Rotating inventories.
  • Packaging management.
  • Receipt and delivery of information via EDI: VAN, OFTP1 (ISND), OFTP2 (TCPIIP), FTP
  • All types of EDIFACT messages (DELFOR, DELJIT, SEADV, INVRPT, INVOIC…)

0 incidents in supply to line

  • Verification, control and identification of material received.
  • Warehouse management: correct location and inventory, FIFO.
  • Supply to line guarantee: merchandise identification and correct provisions.
  • Experience in all types of sequences.