Personalized industrial intervention

A multidisciplinary team of professionals highly qualified and experienced, permits – through the development of new organizational and technologic tools, and human resources management- the viability and optimization of the productive activity and design the best scenario custom-made.

1 Assembling Packaging

Assembling of automobile parts

Among the solutions offered by Maviva’s Group is the assembling of parts for the automobile sector. This activity permits reducing the customer’s costs through an efficient management of stocks of assembled parts and the optimization of transport capacity from the factory of origin. Also a better reactivity before modifications of the product or the final customer and the commitment of production costs. The use of the latest technologies in the process control, automation, measurements and manage of data allows to obtain excellent levels of productivity and quality.

Pioneers in the assembly of parts of glasses, Maviva’s Group counts with the know-how and the experience that permitted in the last years to increase the activity of assembly of plastic parts, fiber glass and aluminum parts, and different sticking systems, etc.

Visual help for the assembly of glasses or ceilings where it shows the assembled parts, the objectives and quality alerts, as well as the existence of all the components of the process.

The application for the glued of the glasses has an expiry time of 48 hours. We have develop a system so that the order will not be sent if this period is exceeded, ensuring the reactivation of the glue by our employees.

Project for the process of screwing of the bumper shock absorber with the development of an assembly table that ensures the presence of all the components as well as the correct position of the screwing.

2 Assembling Highest performance

Qualified to face your projects

The specific training of the employees working in Maviva’s Group, their continuous updating and the hardy process of internal adaptation, ensures the processes from all points of view (production, quality, safety, and prevention), as well as monitoring of all the employees. The management program installed allows knowing at all times the condition and adaptation of the employees and their versatility, obtaining this way greater efficiency in the production management. The weekly briefings, the follow up of the 5s, the implementation of LEAN Manufacturing, the care of the ergonomic and the security in all positions make possible that the assembly processes attain the highest efficiency for the customers.